Charity M. Kakula has worked as Executive Assistance with several years experience in managing administrative duties with a high degree of productivity, efficiency, creativity with less supervision, working well independently and as a team player. She worked with Campus Crusade for Christ, a non governmental organisation, in administering her duties for almost 10 years.


She participated in management planning and budgeting, mobilisation, training, logistics and procurement for a Zambia-USA yearly donor funded project. She also participated in outreach at the Zambia-USA led medical delegation at Chipulukusu Clinic in Ndola, counseling patients on one to one. She proceeded to study for a certificate in Human Resource Management.


In 2008 she studied at National Institute of Public Administration and acquired a diploma in Project Management while working for Immanuel Project, an OVC (Orphaned and Vulnerable Children) dropping centre, as a project coordinator, where she assisted with some administrative and human resource duties along side.


Her duties entailed writing project proposals, report writing, monitoring and evaluation, co-ordinating activities and general administrative work among other things. Since 2010 she has been involved in consultancy for Chejezhi, a community based organisation based in Minilunga, and offered technical support, proposal writing and general administration. In 2013 she attended short courses in Advocacy Training and Strategic Planning with the Civil Society Environment Fund.


Charity is proficient in running administrative duties, designing Monitoring and Evaluation framework, SWOT analysis and general project work.