About Us

Our Vision


Carers of Africa (CoA) is a Not-for-Profit organisation committed to support disadvantaged people of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds both locally and internationally.  We strive to empower individuals in achieving optimal health outcomes.

Our international projects include sourcing and shipping medical supplies to developing nations to support communities of CALD backgrounds. The "Wheelchairs for Kids" program provides free customised wheelchairs for kids living with disibilities.


Other projects include "Days for Girls" - hand-made bags containing much needed sanitary supplies for girls in Africa.

Our Mission


Carers of Africa works to improve access to health services for disadvantaged persons from diverse backgrounds experiencing health issues, family and domestic violence and unemployment. Services offered include counselling, art therapy, mentoring, legal and other referrals, and individualised personal and professional development programs.

Our specialist program "Walking the Walk" assists youth in developing life skills to achieve their future goals.

Our History


As a migrant there are many twists and turns to go through before finally settling in a foreign land. Many refugees from Africa have experienced war, famine and displacement from their own countries.  Refugees from Africa who are now living in Victoria are especially vulnerable to mental illnesses such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety as a result of their homeland experiences and the experience of settling in a foreign country such as Australia.     


To help people from CALD backgrounds suffering from mental illness Bright B. Chinganya and others founded Carers of Africa Inc. with the aim to relieve the disadvantage, distress, suffering, helplessness and resulting unemployment and homelessness often associated with having a mental illness.


Our Purpose


Carers of Africa’s (CoA) main purpose is the benevolent relief of distress, disadvantage, suffering, misfortune or helplessness and resulting unemployment experienced by “Vulnerable Persons”.


The "vulnerable persons" that CoA assists are refugees from the African continent now living in Victoria and suffering distress, misfortune or helplessness and resulting unemployment arising from mental illness. This includes, but is not limited to, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety, particularly as a result of having experienced war, famine and displacement from their own countries in Africa.


Without limiting the generality of CoA’s main purpose, the objectives of the organisation include:


  • To be in business as a financially self-sufficient, Not-for-Profit charity organisation comprised of members;

  • To provide guidance, care, rehabilitation and support for the psychological and physical needs of “Vulnerable Persons” who are adversely affected by mental illness;

  •  To develop, promote, advocate for and/or encourage opportunities and activities that provide better living conditions and care for “Vulnerable Persons”, including opportunities in various social, community, sporting and employment activities thereby assisting them to achieve a better quality and enjoyment of life;


  • To work with relevant entities including, but not limited to, government, semi-government, non-government, public, private and other authorities, instrumentalities, businesses, companies, individuals, charities and other bodies or interest groups wishing to assist and promote the interests and dignity of, and opportunities for “vulnerable persons”

Making a Difference