Craft Training

Join a course in craft training where you will be shown how we make our products for the community. Have a look at, and learn how to, create the sleeping mats that we have transformed from unwanted plastic bags. Join a workshop to strip plastic bags into ‘Plarn’ balls and crochet a sleeping mat. 

What we include

What it Involves

Join a workshop with a mentor experienced in our crafting projects

Obtain some insights in the Carers of Africa community projects, such as our current Sleep Well Program

Meet friendly community members and others in a group workshop


Work on completing your own Sleeping Mat during the workshop

Gain new craft skills with recycled materials

Make new friends in your workshop who share a common passion

Help our disadvantaged community members by supporting them with sustainable products

Please express your interest in this program and any questions, or give us a call.

We'll get back to your shortly with details


February 9, 2017

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