IT Beginner Training

Are you looking for basic training on how to use a computer, and learn all the different things you can do on it? This program will provide you with a tutorial, based on your level of understanding, the skills needed to confidently use a computer at home or work. This will provide you the ability to operate in workplaces that need more and more technical skills.

IT Training Course

What it Involves

Interact with a skilled professional to mentor you in a workshop of computer activities.

Course structured around what you need to know, for any level of computer competency.

Learn how to use a computer without guidance and set yourself up online for use at home


Learn the skills needed to use computers and devices at home, or in the workplace

Set yourself up online to begin interacting with the online community, and use different communication tools (email, social media)

Obtain any specific knowledge you need and tools to train yourself in the future

Please express your interest in this program and any questions. We'll get back to your shortly with an answer.


February 9, 2017

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