Date 1/May/2016  by Junaid Salie & N Louis Pereira

Martin is an example of how Carers of Africa (CoA) makes a positive change. Martin unfortunately had a past that involved him getting caught up with the law, but through the intervention of community corrections order, Martin was referred to CoA’s ‘Walking the Walk’ program. Through the program Martin was given guidance and counselling, as well as career and life advice.


CoA’s founder and Director, Bright B. Chinganya, personally helped him out every step of the way and gave him guidance and support. Martin described him as encouraging and supportive, and felt like he treated him as more than just a client and were more like family, pushing him to do his best.


“I feel like I’m back in society, I’ve got a job, I’ve got a license, and I’ve got a place to stay.” Martin said CoA’s Walking the Walk program helped him get his life back on track, by supporting him at court, finding him a lawyer and even giving him a reference by speaking to his judge. Walking the Walk helped Martin get his licence, practice resume writing, and helped him enrol in a Diploma of Building & Construction. Most importantly, he learned how to identify and avoid the same behavioural patterns that got him into trouble in the past.


Martin described the ‘Walking the Walk’ program schedule as flexible and accommodating, and said that he can always call or come into the CoA office whenever he needs some advice or a little help. He gave Bright a 9.5/10 rating as a guidance counselor, and recommended the ‘Walking the Walk’ program to friends who are in the same situation as him. He is hopeful and optimistic, and intends to continue with the program and take advantage of the resources and support provided at CoA.

February 9, 2017

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