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Craft Making by Volunteers at Carers of Africa

These photos are of the knitting and needle work done by one of the volunteers at Carers of Africa.

At Carers of Africa we encourage the individual talents of our employees, where they are welcomed to showcase where their interests lay and what they can do.

In addition we have various areas available to work in, which in turn allows for new experiences in areas that a person may want to become better at or learn.

We currently have departments in:

 * Database work / Data entry

 * Information Technology / Helpdesk Support

 * Jewellery Making

 * Marketing

 * Online Sales (Ebay and Gumtree).

 * Reception

 * Retail

 * Sewing and Crochet

Even with these departments in place, if you have an area not covered here, you are more than welcome to bring that to the table, and if it is appropriate we will find a place for you.

Author: Jason Free

The following Creative Works were created by Ms Bing