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Healthcare services offered by Carers of Africa are directed at achieving better health outcomes for vulnerable members of the African refugee community who have diagnosed or undiagnosed mental illness. We do this by providing direct assessment and referral in cases where a member of the community presents with overt symptoms of mental illness and where other issues such as unemployment, poverty, homelessness, substance use, and domestic violence may be an underlying cause in a mental health problem.

Available for free to new migrants
wanting to assimilate themselves quickly to Australian Culture


  • Literacy classes

  • Numeracy classes

  • Resume help – with resume templates

  • Cover letter help

  • VCE tutoring

  • Communicate in the workplace

  • Write basic workplace information

  • Tutoring help

  • Study sessions coaching

  • Aussie slang

  • Australian way of life

  • History and culture of Australia


  1. Creating a supportive community of people of African/CALD Heritage.

  2. Providing supportive visits to individuals of African/CALD heritage in Victorian prisons.

  3. Providing advice services for people of African/CALD heritage on various issues affecting their community.

  4. Providing supportive services for released prisoners to integrate in the community and gain employment.

  5. Providing supportive services for families of prisoners.

  6. Conducting focus group discussions within disadvantaged families on various issues regarding health, offending behaviour, alcohol, drugs, cultural issues, employment, and other issues affecting the community.

  7. Working with researchers and other institutions on areas of research related to people of African heritage.

  8. Providing supportive services for students with mental health and alcohol and drug dependence problems.

  9. Advocating for the disadvantaged community on their rights to service provision and citizenship.

  10. Providing a befriending service for lonely individuals and families.


Website Development

Legal & Migration

  • Provide support and referrals for those who are directly affected by issues such as substance abuse and domestic violence.

  • Provide support and understanding for those affected by intergenerational and intercultural conflicts.

  • Provide liaison services, community forums and African awareness training

  • Provide prison visits, court and Community Corrections support; and

  • Provide advocates for disadvantaged communities from the CALD backgrounds.

  • Shipping second hand medical equipment, mobility aids and medical supplies to African rural health clinics.

  • Shipping 40 foot container of medical equipment, 170 wheelchairs for kids, and other medical supplies to Zambia (Working in partnership with Wheelchairs For Kids and Appropriate Paper Technology)

  • Planned Medical Center in Zambia

If you are a community organisation or not-for-profit organisation working for the community, Carers of Africa Inc. is offering website development including content update for free.

For more information contact the IT specialist on 03 9706 9887.

Work Permits
  • Skilled Independent and Sponsored Visas

  • Temporary Business Visas

  • Employer Nomination Scheme

  • Working Holiday Visas and many others

Student Visas
  • School Student Visas

  • Vacational Student Visas

  • Higher Education Student Visas

  • Partners and Prospective Spouses

  • Dependant Children and Orphan Children Parents

  • Career Sponsorship and many others

Business Permits
  • Business Owners

  • Investors

  • Senior Executives

  • Business Talents

Community Correction Order Support

  • We enable people on community corrections orders to have an opportunity to serve their community hours  in a cultural specific environment at our Op Shop.

  • We look for legal supportive services (pro bono services) for the disadvantaged community.

  • We provide supportive services in court and tribunal hearings.

Food For The Tummy

Let not your tummy be empty. Needing immediate assistant on food due to unexpected change to your lifestyle? Contact us, we might have a temporary solution for you.