Shipping Medical equipment and other mobility Aids to Zambia

Although Africa has 11% of the global population it has

60% of the world's HIV/AIDS cases and 90% of world malaria cases, mainly in children under 5(WHO). Carers of Africa has taken an initiative to ship 40 foot container of medical equipment and mobility aids to African rural health clinics. So far we have 170 wheelchairs for kids, 10 for adults, several medical equipment and other mobility aids to be shipped to Zambia. However, to make this happen we need

$15,000 shipping cost + $2,500 purchasing a container + $5,000 in land transport cost = $22,500 Any donation above $2 is Tax deductable. 4. Free English classes Every Friday at 18 Mason street, Dandenong Vic Carers of Africa runs free English classes. Help us with donation to buy stationary and snacks for students Any donation above $2 is Tax deductable.


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