Days For Girls Project Makes Delivery

Days for Girls Project is an ongoing project that is one of many Carers of Africa are running. We are committed to helping young girls in rural areas of Africa who would otherwise not be able to afford it all their lives.

We are proud to announce that we've delivered our new batch of Sanitary Pads to girls in rural Zambia who would otherwise go through life without ever using a sanitary pad and miss out 2 months of education every year.

The delivery of these has given relief to many young girls in this video.

Bright Chinganya on his recent trip delivers the new batch to girls in rural Africa (Zambia). Sanitary pads are difficult to get in rural parts of Africa. These deliveries could not be possible without the help of any donations and volunteer workers.

For only $25 you can help 1 girl to have sanitary pads for 3 years. A small donation goes a long way. All donations above $2 is Tax deductible.


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