PHOTOS: Explore Ghana's One Million-Year Old Sacred Lake

September 13, 2016






Travel photographer, Joel Santos traveled to Ashanti, Ghana to capture the life of local fisherman on Lake Bosumtwi. Once a thick lush rain forest, the lake is situated in an ancient impact crater resulting from a heavy meteorite shower. Thought by locals to be sacred, the lake is believed to be the location where the souls of the dead come to bid farewell to the goddess Asase Ya. Because of this belief, tradition dictates that fishing may only be done using wooden planks called paduas - the same method their ancestors used. 


Santos, "was in awe of the mystical lake."


The contact with the fishermen and their culture was fantastic. It was great to learn how their beliefs actually benefit the harmonious balance between humans and nature, avoiding pollution, over fishing and providing a zen like feeling to this unique location."


However, he worries about the impact of deforestation and modernization on the lake and the elements of the traditional Ashanti lifestyle many of the locals still follow. 


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