Sleep Well Project

It takes at least 600 – 700 plastic bags to make 1 single mat.

Turning Plastic Bags Into Sleeping Mats For The Homeless

Transform all of those unwanted plastic shopping bags into something useful!  By single crocheting strips of plastic bags together, you can make a plastic sleeping mat, which can be distributed to homeless shelters.  The plastic bag mats will repel parasites and are moisture resistant, durable, lightweight, easy to store, and make a great temperature barrier.

This is a wonderful project where children and adults of all ages can combine their creativity, talents and labor to provide sleeping mats for individuals and organizations in need to weather the elements all by using plastic yarn made from plastic bags.

What we do at Carers of Africa is collect the donated bags, sort them into those that can be used.  Our Volunteers carefully fold and cut the bags into strips which we call PLARN.  This is then made into a ball of Plarn which we then use to chrochet into a sleeping mat.


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