Volunteer Services

  1. Creating a supportive community of people of African/CALD Heritage.

  2. Providing supportive visits to individuals of African/CALD heritage in Victorian prisons.

  3. Providing advice services for people of African/CALD heritage on various issues affecting their community.

  4. Providing supportive services for released prisoners to integrate in the community and gain employment.

  5. Providing supportive services for families of prisoners.

  6. Conducting focus group discussions within disadvantaged families on various issues regarding health, offending behaviour, alcohol, drugs, cultural issues, employment, and other issues affecting the community.

  7. Working with researchers and other institutions on areas of research related to people of African heritage.

  8. Providing supportive services for students with mental health and alcohol and drug dependence problems.

  9. Advocating for the disadvantaged community on their rights to service provision and citizenship.

  10. Providing a befriending service for lonely individuals and families.