Volunteer with Carers of Africa

Are you interested in volunteering with Carers of Africa? We run a number of programs open for anyone interested in lending their time to help both the disadvantaged in our community and in Africa, including those participating in Work for the Dole.

We run a number of projects and tasks that can always use more hands, from creating sleeping mats for the homeless in Melbourne to putting together needed sanitary supplies in our Days for Girls program.

If you are a social media guru or have particular skills which can support our team, we can also take volunteers on to help us reach out and grow our support to a increasing number of people.

Join us at Carers of Africa and make a difference in the community, while gaining valuable experience and working with a great team of people!

Express your interest in volunteering with us here, how you would like to help and any questions you may have - we'll get back to you promptly